Thursday, June 11, 2009

MS, 6 monthly patches - "critical" vulnerabilities, including 31 cases corresponding to

Microsoft has June 9, 10 released a security update. 2009 3 CanSecWest security conference was held on Monday in the hacking contest, "Internet Explorer (IE) 8" The severity of "critical" vulnerabilities, including an update on the cases, a record number of vulnerable The monthly update to fix the company.

The update will be compatible with 31 vulnerabilities. Microsoft spokesman, "this number, the company in 2003 to 10 June every two to start up a schedule of monthly updates released Tuesday."

2009 six months of security patches, IE severity of "critical" vulnerabilities that supports 8. The higher the severity of them, and to view a specially crafted web page, there is a remote code execution. IE 8 is vulnerable, "Windows 7" release candidate (build 7100) does not affect, Windows 7 beta will affect.

This update also, "Windows 2000 Server" and "Windows Server 2003" has been implemented in the "Active Directory" (AD) implementation, and "Windows XP Professional" and Windows Server 2003 installed on the "Active Directory Application Mode "(ADAM) the severity of" critical "vulnerabilities are also supported. The higher vulnerability of this severity could be controlled from a remote system to the attacker.

Also, "Windows print spooler" The severity of "critical" vulnerability has also supported. The vulnerability of these specially crafted server is affected RPC, if it receives a request, there is a remote code execution.

"Office Word" and "Office Excel" that addresses the multiple vulnerabilities in the. In these vulnerabilities, an attacker specially crafted Word or Excel and run the code using a remote file, and thereby control the machine. Also, "PowerPoint" which addresses the vulnerability. This vulnerability has been exploited in limited targeted attacks in 2009 in the Microsoft warned Monday that in May, a revised version of Windows.

This update, Microsoft is reported in 2009 5 "Internet Information Services" (IIS) web server products severity of "critical" vulnerabilities, including a corresponding patch.

Also, "Microsoft Works" converter severity of "critical" vulnerabilities 1, RPC and the Windows kernel severity of "critical" vulnerabilities and have an update. Additionally, "Windows Search" in severity "warning" even fix a vulnerability. In this vulnerability, and return the specially crafted file as a result of the first users to perform a search, there is a leakage of information when you preview a malicious file from the search results. The default is on, Windows Search Component "Windows XP" and not Windows Server 2003 preinstalled.

The products affected by the update, "Windows 2000", Windows XP, Windows XP Professional, "Windows Vista", Windows Server 2003, "Windows Server 2008" and other OS, "Office 2000" "Office 2003" "Office 2007 "" Office XP "Office and other products for the Mac and" Office 2004 for Mac "" Office 2008 for Mac "and others.

As affected by other software, "Office Excel Viewer" "Office Word Viewer", Office Compatibility Pack (Word, Excel, PowerPoint 2007 for file format), "Works 8.5" "Works 9.0" "Office SharePoint Server" and there.

This update, Windows is loaded on the Microsoft "DirectX" does not include a fix for the vulnerability in streaming media technology. This vulnerability in 2009 in what was revealed at the end of that was created with malicious intent "QuickTime" file, thereby allowing it to fully control the computer.

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